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  Jordan Book uses all its websites to offer businesses many important services in one Package:
1- Web design and business profile design including all information, services, contact information, photos, and maps.
2- Marketing for businesses in Jordan Book search engines, major search engines, and community websites.
3- Providing companies and businesses with employees as a free service.
4- Providing businesses with Jordan Businesses' contact information which they need to market for their services.

Web Design. What does your website and your business profile contains?
We will create for your business profile pages
- Include all business information and services
- Your business address and contact information
- Map, photo galleries, slide show, or what ever you need extra.
- Translation this information to provide it on both languages Arabic and English
- Short URL for your page ex: or another link of your choice like

Marketing: We tell others about your business
1- Creating Business Profile Page in English on
2- Creating Business Profile Page in Arabic on
3- Placing Business advertisements on
4- Adding your website in
5- Adding your website in
6- Adding your Page Link in
7- Sharing your business information in Facebook, twitter, and Jordan Book Newsletter.


SEO: Customers can find you easy.
1- Customers will be able to find your business in our search engines.
2- Customers will be able to find your business in major search engines.
3- Customers will be able to find your business when they search for the services you provide in our search engines.
4- Customers will be able to find your business when they search for the services you provide in other search engine.


Recruitment: Never worry again about finding employees.
Finding qualified employees is one of the difficult and important process in building a good and strong company, and it takes time if you wait for  job seekers to knock your door asking for vacancies, or you should place expensive ads to get these employees. But  Jordan Book provides its members with CV of job seekers free as extra service and that will save you time and money.


Data Resourcing: We provide you with businesses' contact information.
Each business needs data to market for its business to get customers, you can use many other resources but all of them has some data or out of date data, but  Jordan Book is collecting data for its search engines from all businesses in Jordan, and we can provide you with the information you need.

If you find such an offer in the market we will give you ours free of charge

All what you have to do is to contact us, send an email to and our employees will come to your company/store to take the information needed, pictures, and sign the contract. And we will do the rest.
Our price is starting from 140JD per entire year
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